It was when we were at Chiangmai...



My friend told me to turn back to her and she took a picture,

..we were at ta-pae walking street then.





I go to CM just only 2 times, never could go around the whole town or even all Nimhan haemin road

and even never eat at the famous iBerry.



The 1st time is to visit the 'Nap fair', sleep at friend's condominium.

The 2nd is just stoping by after came down from faculty camping on the mountain,

it was just 1 day & 1 night at 'Pooh cattage' - a super lovely hostel across iBerry shop.



... I miss it already :'(


Miss those days and those feelings.

But something just can happen one time and one time only.

The pictures of the memories can tell how much we were happy but can't bring the joy back,

can't bring the time back..  can't bring the friends back..


But I'll looking forward to the CM visiting again.

Really can't wait for the winter semester break to came!







#1 By I am DangerousFox on 2010-08-20 06:11